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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Post!

I'm new to blogging, and somewhat apprehensive, but I promised folks I would blog so they could stalk me. Plus I wanted to give it a go. Fun stuff!
Anyway, it's June and I'm still waiting out my summer vacation. I started blogging now because 1) I'm bored, 2) I need a place to vent my abroad related frustrations, and 3) I'm kinda bored.
Up to this point in my preparations for study abroad, I've just been filling out mandatory forms like health clearance, orientation modules (to make sure you don't walk around drunk, basically), the application for UT, the application for Arcadia University (I'm doing an affiliate program), scholarship applications, the list goes on. It's not as bad as it sounds, though.
Well, until you get to the fact that financial aid is a pain in the butt. Normally it's not so bad. Fill out FAFSA, wait, receive what pitiful loans the government feels appropriate, fill out another loan application via Wells Fargo to make up the difference, take out a tuition loan to pay for tuition (UT won't accept alternative loans to pay tuition), then after classes start, receive my loans. This is usually done by June, July at the latest. Thanks to Mr. Government taking over loans, I don't know my financial aid until July. JULY. July is when payments are due! July is when I fill out papers for my visa! (I have to have $3800 or $3200 in the bank and/or in loan documents or else I will be denied my visa; I only have about $1200). AGH. Can you say time crunch? Luckily, I did receive a scholarship (my first one ever!), but it's not enough to get me where my funds need to be. I think it'll all turn out ok, though. I hope anyway. Haha.
So that was the first pain in the rear. The second is my stupid health clearance form. I've got it filled out and everything, no problem (healthy as a horse! a non-dead one, that is), but I can't seem to get it to the bloody SAO. It was due June 15th and I had it faxed June 13th. I had previously emailed my advisor to inform her it might be late, she was cool with that, so I wasn't stressed. Unfortunately, a week went by and according to my account on SAO it still hadn't been received (what the fetch?). I emailed my advisor. The stupid fax machine was down that day (curses!). I drove to the office again yesterday and I had them fax it again. This time I waited until I got a confirmation and then went on my merry way (next stop, job application!). This morning it's still not showing up. If it's not there by Friday I swear I'll scream. I think I might just scan it and email it, copy it and mail it in, and then fax it again. It's gotta get there at some point, right?
Other than those two things, everything's kinda been smooth sailing. Just can't wait!
I've even started studying Welsh. Even though only 20% of the population speaks it as a main language, it's a beautiful language and I absolutely love it. I've taken French, ASL, and Danish (and I speak English). I've really enjoyed learning/speaking all those languages, but Welsh is the first language I've fallen in love with. I found this radio station online, BBC Wales, and I listen to it regularly. They usually speak just Welsh (I was disappointed with English on Sunday night), and it's gorgeous. I love it.
Well, that's my ranting for the day.
Prynhawn da!

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