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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

While I wait...

Alrighty, so, still not in Wales, BUT I've got excellent news!
Even though UT hasn't told me my financial aid package, they have determined it and sent it on to Arcadia, so Arcadia now has proof that I'm paying via financial aid! Bottom line: I don't have to sell everything I own in order to make the summer deadline of paying the academic year's fees. Even better, I'll have my financial aid information in time to have proof for my visa papers.
Also, UT FINALLY received my stupid health clearance form! I faxed it twice, mailed it, and emailed it. I was going to scream if despite that effort it still couldn't make its way to UT's Study Abroad Office.

By the way, I got my wisdom teeth out and am slightly doped up, so I apologize if anything on this blog doesn't make sense.

While I was in my drug induced world of well, nothingness, I spent time (lots of time) just thinking. And sleeping. During the thinking portion it finally hit me that I'm going to Wales. I'm not going to be in the United States, but I'm going to be in another country! Even better, a EUROPEAN country!!! I'm psyched and slightly in shock (druggy shock, but shock). I thought that moment would come when I got accepted (nope), finished all my paperwork so my Arcadia status says "Pack your bags!" (nope), purchased my plane ticket (noooope), and then, since none of those worked, when I researched Wales and learned all I could learn (nope). Lo and behold, it came while my face was swollen (yeahhh, I had an allergic reaction to one of my pills), my brain was in limbo, and my body was sprawled out on the couch. Not how I pictured it, but thrilling nonetheless.

Well, that's pretty much all that I have to update. My summer's ok. Couldn't find a job to earn money for my abroadly adventures, but hey, I get to volunteer at Red Cross, so I guess it works out.
Just can't wait to head out!

Nos da!

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