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Monday, August 29, 2011

13 days!

Today was kind of painful, not going to lie. And it's not because I teach 11 4-5 year olds at church.

So, a bit of background info: back at UT, every Sunday (well, most Sundays), I'd have a grandma visit with one of my best friends, Matt. He'd come over to my dorm room and chill with me and my roommate, Alice, for a few hours. I love(d) those grandma visits!
Since I'm not in Austin this year, Matt and Alice skyped me today. It was so much fun! I miss those two A LOT. Like, Alice and Matt were the two that helped me survive the worst semester of my life. I seriously wouldn't have made it if it weren't for them. Lol, anyway, it was great getting to talk to them today. The best two hours of my never-ending summer. However, it made me realize how it's going to be so long until I see them again! A whole year from now! This just made me think of how different Wales is going to be, and it made me think of how I am going to be starting all over again. I'm not good at being social as it is... why am I doing this to myself?! Ha, just kidding, but seriously, this is going to be one tough year.

Confession time: I'm mostly worried about church. I didn't feel like I fit in at all with the congregation I was in down in the lovely ATX, so I am concerned about fitting in over in Bangor. But hey, I'll manage! Just gotta have faith and be myself, right? Haha, well, maybe I should hold off on being myself until I make friends. Just kidding.

Oh, fun fact. "Starving college student" is going to take a whole new meaning for me, that meaning being scarily real. Turns out all the financial aid I'm getting this semester, every last penny, goes to pay for my tuition/fees for Arcadia University. Weeee... funnnn....
Good thing I have loving parents who won't let me starve!

Gosh, sorry to revel in the obvious, but it just feels so freaking weird to not be in Austin right now. I am grateful to not be stuck in the 108 degree temps, though! Seeing all these updates and stuff from friends and realizing I am not apart of that this year. It's just... weird.

Alrighty, well, that wasn't so much an update, but not to worry! Real updates will be occurring soon!


So exciting!

Nos da!

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