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Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh, by the way,

I'm in need of opinions.
First: International phone. Yay or nay? I personally don't want to be in constant contact with the United States (just because I want to fully immerse in a new culture), but at the same time it'd be easier to carry on with my phone number and everything. Also, I hate my phone so it gives me an excuse to get a new one. But then, I could just get a pre-paid phone once I get there. That way I can talk to people there and not be in contact with the U.S. Opinions? Suggestions?

Second: Social groups. I want to join SCUBA, Rock Climbing, and Surfing. Obviously I won't have time for all three. Any opinions as to which I should join? Then an explanation would be nice :-)

Oh, well, looks like I only had a need for opinions on 2 subjects. Alrighty then, so, any opinions would be nice! You can tell me via facebook, email (, or however you feel.

Bore da!

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