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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Alrighty, time for an update methinks!

Life in the ever-gorgeous Bangor, Wales is, as usual, magnificent. I love it here. Seriously, if you ever get the chance you've got to come here. Just a day will do the trick.

Pfftt... let's see. Oh, right, trip to Cardiff! It was pretty cool. Cardiff reminded me of a smaller version of Liverpool, to be honest, and I think we all know how I feel about Liverpool. Right? Haha, well, in case not, I freaking love Liverpool.
Anyway, the train ride was scenic, but it was really long. I think I spent a total of 8 hours traveling that day. It gave me plenty of time to study, though! That was a bonus. In Cardiff I saw the castle, the Natural History Museum, the pier-type area (the correct phrase I'm fishing [haha] for is currently escaping me), the main shopping area, and this area with a bowling area/arcade-type area. Unfortunately, I'm failing at recalling the name of this place, just like I failed to recall the fact that I had a camera. You guessed it, I completely forgot to take pictures. It had to happen at some point! I apologize, my beloved readers. I promise extra eye candy for my next post.
Oh, right! I saw Millennium Stadium as well! It was really cool. To be honest, it's not nearly as big as some stadiums in the United States, but it compared well to the Texas Memorial Stadium.
Yep! This is Millennium Stadium! I stood beside it to the right. Exciting, I know.

This is inside of Millennium Stadium. No, these pictures are not mine. To avoid random lawsuits, the Millennium Stadium photos belong to

This would be the inside view of Texas Memorial Stadium. I couldn't find an outside picture... but to be honest, it's not that impressive from the outside.

Now for some random facts since the pictures don't provide a good basis for comparing. Millennium Stadium holds 74,500 seats and it took about $207,468,879.67. I'd just like to note that the exchange rate between pounds and U.S. dollars has gotten better since the conversion I've given, so it'd actually cost a bit less than that. Alright, now Texas Memorial Stadium holds 100,119 seats, but it actually held 101,624 spectators on September 3, 2011, breaking the record (fun fact!). It costs $3.53 million according to the 2011 dollar value, and that is more than Millennium Stadium. Poor Welsh, their pride and joy doesn't even beat Texas Memorial Stadium... just imagine it compared to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium (or as I like to call it, Jerry World)!

However, I must give the Welsh credit. Rugby is the best sport ever. Oh crap, it's intense! I started watching it a couple of weeks ago, and I am hooked. It's a lot like American football, but it's 80 minutes for a match, and the only stopping the athletes do is at half-time. Half-time, ladies and gents! And this sport isn't some pansy curling sport! Noooo, it's intense running, tackling, and battling. Holy heck it's insane. Here's a clip!

This isn't from the match I watched the first bit of last week, but it's just as good. Unfortunately, Wales lost to France, so they are no longer in the running for the World Cup. That made me a sad panda...
Along with the fact that Texas has started a losing streak. What. The. Fetch.

So yes, Cardiff = great. Rugby = best sport ever. Glad that has been established? I thought so.

Alright, what else to add... ah, so I'm going to Prague during my reading week! I'm so excited! Unfortunately, I'm going solo, but hey, it should be fun. November 4th I'm going to Alton Towers (supposed to be an amazing theme park) with a group of great folks from church, November 5th I'm going to a Flogging Molly concert (flip yeah!), and November 6th I fly out for Prague! Then I'll be in Prague until November 12th. I'd just like to say thank goodness for RyanAir (super cheap flights) and thank goodness for youth hostels. Hotels are too expensive! Unfortunately, I did accidentally book my flight for November 4th originally (don't book things at midnight; your brain won't be functioning, I assure you), so I had to change my departing flight. That added a 59.99 pound charge. Ouch! Be aware when you book flights. That was my lesson learned. Everything else is just peachy, though. Oh, and I will remember my camera this time. Rest assured, my lovely dears!

I think the only thing I have left to add is....

Say hello to Charles! I call him Charlie. He's my pride and joy! I absolutely love playing him. So far I've learned "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol, and I'm working on "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles (of course).

Well, that's my life so far! It's been great. I honestly couldn't ask for more in my life, I've been so blessed.

I hope y'all are doing great, wherever in the world you may be!

Nos da!

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