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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rugby Anyone?

Alrighty ladies and gents, what would you call the above photo? A mass of orange? A parade of men in helmets? True on both accounts; however, to be more specific this is a university football game of the best university in the United States (for you Aggies, that means the University of Texas-Austin). Jokes, but yeah, that's what this is. If I were to ask a British student what that picture was, they would have no idea. They'd assume lunatics methinks. The reason for me starting the post this way? I've recently become very aware of the sporting difference between American universities and British universities. Here are some pictures of Bangor University athletics:

No joke, this is the only somewhat sporty photo I could find for Bangor University. In general there isn't much university rivalry. However, there has been rivalry this weekend (for once)! Bangor University vs Aberystwyth, and we dominated. Heck yes!

Ok, not total annihilation, but we still kicked butt. Abers response? Pulling the fire alarm to my dorm which resulted in confused students filing out at 21.20. No worries, they were caught on camera! Aber students... not very intelligent. Jokes.

Kind of.

Anyway, I really do miss that about the U.S., to be honest. Football season is the most exciting time of the year, no joke. It makes me sad to realize that I'll be missing that for the rest of my university experience, but who knows? Maybe I'll end up back in the U.S. for my graduate degree. I would feast upon football season if that were the case!

I absolutely love this man.

Oh dear, my crush for Mack Brown has gotten me somewhat depressed. I'm going through major football withdrawals at the moment. Sad days. It's moments like this where I question if transferring to Bangor University is the right thing to do.

Anyway! Sports. There is almost no competitive university life when it comes to sporting. Be prepared my dear study abroaders! Be prepared. When it comes to professional football and rugby, though, it can get pretty intense. I am really excited for rugby season to start up again. At the gym, Maes Glas, they would have the matches playing on all of the televisions throughout the building. It was pretty awesome. Oh! Fun fact: people here are really into the superbowl. On Monday, when I went to class, everyone I had talked to stayed up late or knew someone who stayed up late to watch the superbowl on BBC. I didn't even watch it! I found it funny that they think it's a sport for sissies yet they stayed up to watch it. Oh you Brits, you funny lot. 

That's all I really wanted to talk about today, just to inform about the sporting differences. I mean, this Bangor vs Aber rivalry really reminds me of my middle school rivalries when I played volleyball... not that big of a deal. Poor Brits! 

I suppose I'll be off now. Nos da, y'all!

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