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Monday, May 14, 2012

Soppy Mismatch

It's funny; when I first got out here, I couldn't help but hear the differences in lingo, accents, units (e.g. meters versus feet), and I was acutely aware of anything I said in comparison to what the British would say. I would intently listen to how I spoke, how others spoke, and was constantly on the look out for changes in my personal dialect that may reflect the time I've spent out here in Wales.
Within the first semester I noticed a few changes, such as the use of 'numpty' and the fact that 'ass' is not a bad word out here, so 'dumbass' became a favorite term of mine (mostly in my internal dialogue). I think my every day accent became a bit more posh, but overall there weren't that many changes. Especially since sometimes whenever I entered Texas mode, my redneck would come out. Not too often, though.

I think this semester has been different. I've been so distracted by classes, projects, indexing (you familysearch users know what I'm talking about!), planning travels, actually traveling, friends, and own personal battles, that I've stopped paying much attention to my diction. I still pay attention to other accents (there are a billion different British accents; it's impossible pinpointing origins!), but I've lost track of my own. It's recently been brought to my attention (both by my amazing Texas homie, Chelcie, and my super cool future housemate, Meg)that I'm turning, not Japanese, but BRITISH. Oh my days (there's one!), what has become of me?! Here are a few examples:
-pronunciation of 'garage'
-the use of ' instead of "
-oh my days
-trousers (this one you really do want to use, though)
-coach (instead of bus)
-jokes (one of my favorites)
-the use of 'maths' instead of 'math'
-the strong desire to spell things with a 'u' (e.g. favourite, behaviour, neighbour)

The list goes on. I don't know whether to be gutted (there's another!) or not. Think of it this way: I'll be super cool in the States, a completely foreign concept to me, but I'm losing touch with my roots. Jokes, it's not that bad. I'll be back in the States in no time for summer! I'll be properly Americanized once again. Nothing against being British, of course. Just the fact that my ancestors were so desperate to escape the United Kingdom, and here I am returning!

Nah, honestly, it's just something that has popped into my head recently. I'm not particularly bothered one way or another.

For you future study abroaders, if you're going to be abroad for just one semester, don't expect any drastic changes in your mannerisms, especially if you're concentrating on it. From my experience, I've found that studying abroad for just one semester really doesn't give you much opportunity to integrate

Mathematically? No.

fully into the culture. (Apologies for the really lame math nerdiness there). You definitely get some great experiences, but I think the full year gives you more opportunity. You'd think that the United Kingdom and the United States would be really similar, and they are, but there are definitely differences. I still find differences to this day! I'm sure I'll continue to find differences as I finish my degree here in Bangor. Oh, another hint. Do not spend a lot of time with Americans or with people from your home nationality if you are not an American reading this. If you do this, you lose the opportunity to experience different cultures. There are some students here who came with a bunch of friends from the States, and they usually stick with their American friends. Make yourself uncomfortable and hang out with the citizens of that country you are living in. If you just stick with those you're comfortable with, what's the point of studying abroad?! You're not experiencing much newness! Heck, you might as well have just studied abroad in a different city than you grew up in.

Yeah, not the most exciting post I've ever created, but I felt the need to share. Hope y'all are doing great wherever in the world you may be! I'm off to get a bit of work done before heading to bed. I've got my Motor Control & Learning exam tomorrow morning. I think it's safe to say I'm extremely nervous about this exam. I haven't been able to concentrate on studying since my Biomechanics exam. Ugh. Ah well, c'est la vie!

Nos da, y'all.

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