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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Recently Arcadia has used my blog to advertise their study abroad program, which is fine by me (548 viewers on the 31st of May!), but I just want to note something real quick.

The adventure trips they have are fantastic, but only if you are doing a program in London. Their meet up place is always London and the meet up times are always in the morning around 8am. If you are studying in Wales, don't bother signing up for any of the events. Finding a train to get you there in time is iffy, and if you do happen to find a train to get you into London before 8am, you'll be catching a train around 5am. I've found it best, if studying in Wales, to do your own adventure trips. Just a little note!

Right, with that important notice out of the way, just an update on where I am. Currently, I am exploring the loveliness that is Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. In 2006-2008 I participated in Benbrook Sister Cities which had a sister city in Bled, Slovenia and Ballymoney. I wasn't fortunate enough to get involved in the Bled program before Benbrook City Council discontinued it, but I was heavily involved in the Ballymoney program. Result? I have lifelong friends here! I've actually already mentioned them in a previous post, but I'm back to visit them again before I head back to the U.S. I'm pretty excited; Northern Ireland is beautiful! I'll give a more thorough update on the shenanigans I get up to once I'm back in Bangor on the 8th of June.

Until then, bore da!

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