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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bustin' Shins

I actually don't have much to say! Just wanted to update on my experiences in the magical land of Cymru.

So a few weeks ago, on the 2nd of August I do believe, I went canyoning with some friends from my course. It was LEGIT. I don't have any pictures because, after the Christmas holidays of 2011, we all know that I cannot handle a camera (or a phone) near water. Here's a picture of what it looked like, though.

Now as I'm sure we all know, this isn't exactly how it looked. I was actually in a wetsuit and helmet. But there you have it.

Ok, ok, I'm in an incredibly weird mood today. Here's what we actually probably looked like:

This actually is a picture from the river we were on. I have to admit, canyoning isn't nearly as extreme as I thought it would be, but it was awesome. I absolutely loved it. It's becoming increasingly popular all over the world, so take advantage of it! I highly recommend canyoning or gorge walking/scrambling. You basically suit up in a wetsuit, helmet, and life jacket type thing then walk down a river. There are times when you walk, times when you do a sort of doggy paddle, and times when you're sliding down a rapid on your butt. There was also a spot where we were hooked to a rope lowered down a waterfall. It was so cool. The water is absolutely freezing, but you're having too much fun to really notice. And the scenery? Gorgeous. At the end there was a cliff we jumped off of into a deep part of the river. Ha, it was a bit insane. As I was stood there to jump I thought, 'Why am I doing this?!' and then I did it again. I don't think it was as high as the bridge in Lehi, UT that I'd jumped into the Jordan River from with my brothers, but it was still high enough to make you hesitate for a moment. Y'all, seriously, go canyoning! If you're in North Wales, the company I went with is Snowdonia Adventure Activities, and they were great. They provide all the equipment as long as you inform them beforehand that you will need a wetsuit, etc. 

Ha, be careful in the river, though. I banged my knee really hard against a rock coming off a rapid. Later when I changed out of my wetsuit I noticed what looked like a cut on my shin. It wasn't really a cut, but this massive bruise. My shin was so tender for about 3 days. It was also pretty swollen... and I've never seen a swollen shin in my life. Oh! So fun fact, every time you hit your shin and it hardens/grows back you get these dents. I've got a massive ridge on my left shin now where I whacked it, but my scar's finally gone. It was quite nasty looking. 

Umm, yeah. In a couple of weeks my mom and Aunt Cherri are coming out to visit. We're gonna explore Manchester and York, so be ready for future updates in the land of England. Oh, and I just might possibly be seeing Roger Waters perform The Wall in Manchester with my mom... I lie, I am definitely seeing Roger Waters perform The Wall in Manchester with my mom. IT'S AWESOME.

Right-o, that's all for my life of British exploration at the moment. Adios muchachos!

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