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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Loneliness of an Isolated Nut

Howdy, folks. I think an update is in order. It's been a while, and I have actually traveled a bit!

So in September (yes, September) my mom came out to visit for about a week. That means travel! We explored York, Manchester, and Liverpool. Liverpool, though, we've done before. So I'll just ignore Liverpool.

Now, York is amazing. Absolutely incredible. I highly recommend it as a place to visit if you're coming to the UK for a trip. Umm... trying to do this by memory is horrible. I also recommend not waiting 3 months before telling people about your trip.
Anyway, in York we visited a fair amount of places. There was York Dungeons (AWESOME), we did a ghost walk (tradition, y'all), walked the York city walls, walked The Shambles, saw random key buildings as you do (like York Minster), York's Chocolate Story (tradition again, y'all), Jorvik Viking Centre... and others. I know, so descriptive. My highlights? Definitely Jorvik Viking Centre, York Dungeons, and, actually, probably Clifford's Tower, of all things. To be honest, everything in York is well worth the time, money, etc. It's such a great city to explore! Absolutely gorgeous as well, and it fits for any traveler's desires. Shopping on The Shambles, walking along the city wall, history in the museums, and absolute fun in the dungeons. I can't recommend York highly enough!

Manchester... Manchester sucks. Sorry to anyone who lives there. The only reason my mom and I went to Manchester was to see... ready for this?...

Roger Waters!!!!!!

I know!!!! It was amazing!!!! The Beatles are my absolute favorite band, and Paul McCartney's concert would be top of my list, you'd think, but Roger Waters bumped him down to second. 

Sorry, Paul.

Y'all, he was incredible. He performed The Wall, and he did such an amazing job including the audience, being theatrical, singing spot on... ahhhh I'd see him again in a heartbeat. 

Yeah, I don't have much to say. Oh! I get to go home on Saturday! Flying out at 5.55am! I'm really excited, minus the whole airplane part... So. Many. Hours. Sat. Still. Anyway, it's been nearly a year since I was in the US. I don't mind so much, and I hardly ever get home sick, but my accent needs sorting out. At least once a week someone tells me my accent is messed up. Seriously, it's like... some funky hybrid. I've even upped my dosage of country music, and it's still gone horribly wrong! If you're reading this for tips on studying abroad, I assure you that will not happen within one year or one semester. You may pick up some slang, but your accent isn't going to change much. I've been out here about two and a half years and it's only just starting to really change. 

In other news, I've recently taken up the hobby of walking around Bangor after dark. To be fair, that's any time after 4pm. However, I usually go out after 6 at least. I just love it. I love walking around by myself in the dark. I know, Imma end up dead. Ha jokes. That's not happening in Bangor any time soon. I've never felt safer. Don't worry! I'm still on my guard 24/7. I think the best part of my walks is when I venture up to Roman Camp. Granted, the only scary part is know I lack coordination and grace. I haven't ended up on my butt yet, but I'm sure that's going to happen anytime now. If I could, though, I'd just ditch my entire life, go walking, and never stop. Just me and my iPod. I love it. It's the best way to explore places as well. I recommend venturing out and getting lost on a regular basis. Just don't get too lost... You know, I really love that I am directionally challenged.

Right-o. I think that's it for now. I honestly can't think of anything else to say! 

Nos da!

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