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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let's Go Dutch

Eeeeeeey! Long time, no update. I don't think I've updated since before Christmas.
Right, so Christmas was great. I hadn't seen my family in a year and I got to spend New Year's with them this year. #win
Also, I was convinced I failed Biochemistry. Not only did I get an A on my lab report I thought was complete crap, I got an A on the exam I was sure I failed. #win
Another thing, my family is coming for my graduation this July. #win
Oh, and I've accepted my place at Bangor next year for my masters. #win
Oh, right, and, I scored an internship in Eindhoven, Netherlands this summer. #win


Confession: I only used #win so I could post that picture.

Anyway, I'm pretty psyched. One of my supervisors/Biochemistry lecturer had told my friend and me about the internship literally minutes before our Biochemistry exam. I sort of forgot about it in the stress. About a week later I remember and emailed him asking. He'd said that the internship was closed because students were needed asap, but if I gave him my CV he'd forward it to his cohort in Eindhoven. I thought, 'Mmm, I'll send it just in case.' I didn't think anything would come of it, though.
Shortly thereafter my supervisor told me to get in touch with this guy. So I emailed him, he said my CV was 'very interesting' and we had an informal skype chat about the internship. The whole time he kept talking as if I already had it. I'm quite paranoid, though, so I kept thinking that was just wishful thinking. He told me if I was still interested after that chat we'd have a formal interview via Skype. I didn't even have to think about whether I wanted it or not. I knew I did. I've never wanted something so bad in my life. I wanted this more than I wanted to learn how to drive. Speaking for my 15 year old self, that's a big deal. 


I'm caffeinated.
So we had a formal interview, but at the end my future supervisor said, 'We have a few more CVs that were submitted. Once we've interviewed them we'll let you know.' My heart literally sank when he said this. First off, this internship is only for masters students... I don't graduate until July. Second, I never ever get jobs or internships I really want. Third, he said it'd be a bit tough sorting out visas just because of the time frame we're looking at. I thought that surely the other students he was interviewing would be better apt for the internship. Anyway, I figured it'd be a few days at least until I heard back so I put it to the back of my mind and went on with life.
The next day I was at Normal Site doing labs for my research project and I ran into my supervisor. He said something like, 'Oh the interview went well yesterday?' I was like, 'Oh yeah, I think it did...' and he responded, 'Well, yes. Did you not get my email?' I had been at NS all morning and hadn't had the opportunity to check my emails, but my phone did tell me I had two unread emails. He goes, 'Well, you have an email from me congratulating you and an email from Francesco. You got the internship! Congratulations!' I was like, 'Whaaaaat' and my jaw dropped. Haha. No lie, it was one of the most exciting moments of my life. 

This was my face. Curlers included.

Even more exciting than discovering I'd been accepted to Bangor's study abroad program while I was still in Austin. That's saying something! 
Right. So. I'll be in Eindhoven in April during the Easter holidays, come back to Bangor for my exams in May, then back out afterwards for the summer! Look for more exciting travel stories. I think I'm finally going to get to Denmark, and that's been top of my list of places to visit since I took Danish. Haha. OH. AND I GET PAID. Best news ever.
Also, I can finally become like my idol. The one person I look up to more than anyone else in the world.

That's right. Carl the Intern.

I'm actually serious about that. I absolutely love Carl. 
Right. That's my life. That and bruised arms, along with a couple of my friends. We're taking a phlebotomy course for our research project. My largest motivation is getting over my... discomfort... with needles and blood. I love blood. Absolutely love it. It's my favorite body fluid. (Bet you didn't think you'd ever hear someone say that). There's so much research to be done and info to be taken from your blood. But I don't like it leaving my veins. With this I get to take people's blood and they get to take mine! Only problem is I have crap veins. *Sorry, Kerry* Makes me wish I was a heroin addict so I was a pro at this. 

I'm totally kidding, by the way.

Anyway, this time next week I will be a trained phlebotomist, and I am pretty much ok with needles and removing blood from my body now. That first time, though. Flippin heck. I was thinking the first session would be health and safety, etc. No. Within five minutes the man training us had us paired off and told us to take blood. I was like, 'What. Are you kidding?' The guy I was with had fantastic veins, thank goodness. But I was so scared. The whole time I was thinking, 'My gosh, I'm going to kill this man.' I asked the instructor to come over to make sure I was doing it right. Had the tourniquet on, vein sticking out, needle ready, and the instructor is sitting there going, 'Go on! Stick it in! Go on!' So I stick it in. The instructor's sitting there, 'Further! Further! Stick it in there!' And I'm just praying my partner doesn't die. 

I swear this was what was going to happen.

I know, I'm way too dramatic sometimes. 
Right, I need to get to NS for a research meeting. Research is my life, y'all. It was one of my main motivations in coming to Bangor permanently, and it continues to be a thriving and driving focus in my life. Yay science!

Right, I'm officially late leaving my dorm. Adios muchachos.

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  1. Hehe nice ,congrats .loved reading it. Visited after so long. The last time was w hen you had only written two posts or something